The Lancer Distance Crew would like to thank the many parents, alumni, and supporters that we have had throughout the years.  Because of this community we have been able to continue our success, and more importantly have had a real positive effect on young athletes.  It is this reason that we have created this page.  We were able, through this fund-raising campaign, to get the first ever LaFollette Cross Country Record Board up at school.  This board has all the City, Conference, and Sectional Championships listed on it.  We also have a list of the many years the school has qualified for the State Meet, Grade Level Records and an on going Sub 16min List!!!  Those that want to continue to support LDC don't hesitate to contact Coach Nichols or send a direct donation to the program.  We are always trying to upgrade our program.   In fact this year we are working on installing a 'Memorial Bench' in Mike Niell's honor up by the tree!!  Below we are also going to highlight those families that have graciously given to our cause.  Again, thank you and long may you run!!!

LaFollette High School
ATTN: Coach Nichols
702 Pflaum Road
Madison, WI 53716​​​​​​​

The Bohn Family 
​The Brill Family 
The Buchanan Family​ 
The Gillette Family​ 
The Hartong Family​ 
The Johnson Family​ 
The Megal Family​
The Moldenhauer Family​
The Nichols Family
The Freitag Family​
The Pratt Family
The Mueller Family
The Adams Family​​​
Care Wisconsin First Inc
The Neill Family
The Yingling Family​​​
The Marshall Family
The Kasper Family​​
The Gregurich Family
The Bailey Family​​
The Blythe Family
The Musser Family
The LaFollette Booster Club
The Goss Family​​
The Ofstun Family
The Prusynski Family
The Smith Family
The Stoffel Family
The Weum Family
The Wolfe Family​​​​​
The Bruskewitz Family
The Cornale Family​​
The Hellrood Family​
The Philibin Family​
The Pacheco Family
​​The Syron Family
The Noffke Family
The Flores Family
The Raffel Family
The Alexander Family​​​​
The Panten Family
The Dewey Family
Madison Pediatric Dental​​​
The Doane Family​
​The Doyle Family
The Laack-Veeder Family​