Coach's Corner

Well, as everyone knows it was a quiet fall for us. We were not able to compete this fall due to Covid. Yes, I realize that other schools did. However, that is a symptom of the State and Country's inability to lead. Thus we have climbing deaths and cases of the virus. Anyway, we will provide some guidance for runners for Winter Training as we usually do and encourage folks to stay safe and practice good routines in order to fight the virus. Listen to the science and shoot me an email if you have any questions. We miss you all and certainly will enjoy when we are able to get back at it.

There is some confusion out there as to what is going on for XC this season. MMSD has cancelled all in person athletics for the fall. At this point there is a workout program online that kids can follow individually if they are so inclined - nothing is required. Athletes are not to utilize school grounds or equipment. The workout stuff posted is for individuals to utilize as they see fit. They are not required. I am merely doing it to try and keep kids engaged. If a CC athlete is interested in following the program just have them email me and I will direct them to the proper place. Meanwhile, Big 8 competitions and invitationals are canceled for this fall for MMSD athletes. Yes, there are some schools that are having sports as if things are normal. That is probably why I have been fielding calls but that is not our school district. I hope this helps. Stay safe and please contact me if you have further questions.

Tomorrow is the Day
OK. Tomorrow is the day to do the Virtual No Fear All Fun 5K!! We have had a great response so PLEASE if you have been thinking about doing it - wait no further. You can do it from anywhere in the WORLD!!! Have fun. Be safe.

No Fear All Fun is coming up in a week so get that 5k run in and submit your effort to the race website. Meanwhile, so have been giving direct donations and we all in the LDC community would like to thank ALL those who participate and contribute to this great event.

Lots of changes.
Lots of discussions have been going on at an Administration Level...with several layers of players that being WIAA, Big 8 and just name a few. Anyway, it seems like as we stand now we will be able to coach CC Athletes in a Virtual capacity. Returning athletes know the format pretty well. If you are new to the sport make sure to email Coach Nichols so he can get you on our Elite Virtual Program when the season starts on August 17th. We will provide conditioning programs, videos, and other interactive activities for the purpose of keeping athletes engaged and improving. Email Coach Nichols if you have any questions.

Tough Stretch
It has been a tough stretch for the crew. To have spring cancelled and now the Big 8 announced they will not have official Big 8 competition. So right now MMSD and the WIAA are talking and we should know what Fall will really look like. Know this. Coach Rhonda and I will be committed to continue to work with the guys during this tough time so at the very least they have an outlet and can continue to progress and at the very best get guys ready to kick butt when we can race again. Meanwhile, if there are burning questions don't hesitate to email me.

No Fear All Fun
In about a month we will have the No Fear All Fun 5k trail run!! Except this year we will be going virtual! So that means from now until the 8th ANYONE ANYWHERE can enter run 3.1 miles and enter their effort!!! It goes to a great cause and it is in the memory of one of our awesome HS athletes!!! Check out the site and join us!! Meanwhile, stay safe.

Covid Times
Just as a reminder we have a training program on our ELITE Google Classroom. New runners should contact Coach Nichols at

We have a good number of guys that are following the plan. The County is slowly opening up however we still have to follow the District initiative which at this point is slightly more restrictive than the county. As soon as new information is passed to me I will certainly get that information out. Meanwhile, stay safe and healthy.

I thank all the athletes and their parents this week for the parade!! It was most unexpected but very much appreciated. We potted the flowers right on our front porch and Coach Nichols has been awarded the task of making sure it is properly watered every day.

Meanwhile, the status of our summer and season is always changing and we are keeping information up to date on our ELITE Google Classroom. Returning runners who would like some inspiration and individual stuff to stay busy email me and I will get you on the site. Stay safe.

Virtual Training
So as many of you know we are in a Pandemic. Dane County has been managing this very well thus far. However, there are still rules in place that will prevent us from doing things quite the same way we normally do this summer. I will be able to post training plans on this site for you to follow if you choose. But I must discourage you all from meeting as a group. The district would like you all to train individually. We can not control what you do off of school grounds but from my end I must message to you that these running suggestions are with the idea that you are training individually. If you have questions feel free to reach out. Meanwhile, stay safe.

The Class of 2020
I work with the Class of 2020. I have some senior athletes that after one week of practice school and sports got shut down. They were no longer able to be together as a team. The athletes were not able to compete in track meets. Like so many others they lost prom and graduation. They were forced to train virtually. The seniors continued to train knowing that there would be no State Meet – no competitions for that matter. They were not even allowed on their own high school track. Despite all that they stuck with the plan and continued to train. The athletes had virtual time trials every once in a while to try to gauge fitness and have something to look forward to. They would do the time trials on parks, stretches of road, or maybe find a track in a neighboring town that allowed public access. No one would be there to cheer. No family. No friends. Yet many of these athletes posted PRs (Personal Records). Meaning that they beat the fastest time they had ever run before in that distance. Despite all that was taken away and all that these young men and women have had to endure they persevered, tested themselves, and broke barriers. They bettered themselves quietly, no fanfare, no crowd. The Class of 2020 it has been an honor.

MMSD will have tighter restrictions than the County so I will continue to give training information out to our Cross Country runners through our ELITE Google Classroom. Athletes who did not do track last spring or are new to the program will want to contact me via email so I can add you to our ELITE platform. This will give the athlete everything they will need to know about how they will want to train this summer in preparations for Cross Country in the fall.
Meanwhile, enjoy the sunshine and stay safe.

Opening up.
Slightly encouraging that we are opening up in Dane County a little more. And Dane County has tighter restrictions than the rest of the state. So next week they are allowing smaller groups of 25 to meet outside. Also some gyms are opening at half capacity...even though we won't be in gyms for the summer but it is nice to see a little normalcy. If anyone has questions in this constantly changing landscape don't hesitate to email me. New runners should definitely email me to start laying out how you would want to proceed this summer. Stay well.

Varsity Lockers
The week of June 8th the athletic department plans to open up lockerroom so kids can get their stuff. More information is coming and when it does I will certainly post it her and ELITE for the boys. Hope everyone is doing well.

If you are like me that is what you are feeling. We had a group of guys that were ready for this season. They trained hard and have continued to train hard this whole time. It is such a testament to what we have. I am so thankful. This week I am finishing up printing a relief print for all our seniors. I will get it delivered to them in the coming days. It is just a little gesture that I want to do in order to show them how much we appreciate their efforts. Meanwhile, as we wind down the season and cross our fingers for the fall I want us to all pause and give our seniors a hug. They will be missed.

Cross Schedule
An updated version of our 2020 Cross Country Schedule is up no the website. I had a bunch of administrative work for CC that needed to be done so I thought I would post this early just for something to look forward to. Again, I am so proud of our guys (especially our Seniors) who have continued to train and show such immense dedication. It is an honor working with such a great crew

Spring Sports over
For those of you who are not aware the WIAA has cancelled all Spring Sports. This is a heartbreaker to LDC and LTF!! Also, it is particularly hard on our Seniors. We had a few guys that have really invested a lot of time and were ready to roll. We will attempt to gather ourselves and figure out where to go from here. Meanwhile, LDC will continue to train and focus on our next opportunity.

The Governor, as expected, extended the Stay At Home recommendation. Thus school will not resume for the 2019-20 school year. The Big 8 has cancelled all competition and the WIAA will probably issue the same stance pretty soon. I would like to take a moment to honor our LDC Seniors. We have a few that dedicated and amazing amount of time and work. They are fit and ready to roll. If we had the State Meet tomorrow I have a few guys that would be ready. That is saying something. We will continue to work. We will 'meet' virtually and figure out some next steps but I do what to acknowledge those seniors that have been so diligent this year. Underclassmen remember you have the benefit of further seasons so make the most of those Seniors no matter what you will always be LDC and keep up the good work.

Working it
The team is still working hard individually. They have tried to be as dedicated in the plan as much as one could ask during these trying times. Keep in mind that it is the District expectation that athletes not use facilities and or equipment.

Yes, this is uncharted waters!! To say the least. We continue to follow District and WIAA mandates. As of now the indoor meets have been cancelled. Practices because they are 'small gatherings' have been permitted. However, as we all know things are changing by the minute. I will try to let folks know if I hear anything further. Meanwhile yes this page can certainly be intended for the spring season for girls distance and boys distance!! It has been fun to have both programs learn from one another. They have been working hard. Certainly email me for boys questions and Coach Rhonda for girls questions (

Coach Nichols wrote a book. The link is on the Home Page!! You can get the digital version for less than $3 and the real book for $9 on Amazon. If you end up reading it let him know what you think. Runners will certainly like the running chapters. I also have a few car for $10.

Glacial Drumlin Trail Directions
Take Cottage Grove Rd. away from city going toward Cottage Grove. You will enter the village of Cottage Grove. The Piggly Wiggly on your left. Past McDonalds on your left. When you get to County Road N hang a right. Follow Country Road N over the railroad tracks and to the left is a plaza with a clock tower and the entrance of the Glacial Drumlin Trailhead. We will meet by the start of the trail.