Coach's Corner

Summer Running
I have been fielding questions related to summer running and other information wanted and needed for new Frosh next fall. Parents and athletes that have question can continue to email Coach Nichols at We have a lot for soon to be freshman out there ready to get it going for Cross Country.

Today after school is the Regional Meet in Sun Prairie. The guys are set and fired up. Should be cool so dressed accordingly. This as mentioned before, is a preliminary round so athletes who get 4th place or better move on to Sectionals. Those that do not practice will be over unless an alternate for a relay.

Lead Up
The JV guys have some time off and the Regional Crew is getting geared up to head to Sun Prairie for the Regional Competition. There will be no practice Saturday but rather we will meet Sunday afternoon to have one final practice before Monday's competition.

Meanwhile, athletes will have to place 4th place or better in order to move on to the Badger Sectional.

Also, Lancer Relay results are linked to the Track Page.

Those that didn't make the Regional line up will be finishing their season after todays Cross Meeting. Lancer Relays was a fun way to get everyone together for the last time. Now we would like the LDC group that is not running Regionals take a bit of time off from running before starting the build up to CC. It was a great season for a lot of our guys. Lots of breaking of boundaries. Meanwhile, keep your eye out to see who moves on to the State Meet.

Thanks for all those who helped at the Lancer Relays.

Lancer Relays
Today we have the Lancer Relays!! This is a fun event where the whole team can be together for the last time in a meet as we start to go varsity only going into Regionals next week. For Distance we will have a 4x800, The Gauntlet Mile, and the DMR. We also have a couple Frosh going into a FR/SO 4x4.

Cross Country Informational Meeting
There will be an informational Meeting for New and Returning Cross Country athletes Thursday at 3:45 before Track practice. We will highlight the summer running club that meets in the summer. Those that have questions do not hesitate to email Coach Nichols -

It was a strong showing at the Conference Meet for LDC. The Lancers scored in every distance event. In some cases multiple guys scored in an event. The 4x8 started us off with a good 3rd place finish going right to the wire just to get beat by a couple strong anchors from competing schools. Nick, Chris, Seb, and Christian got us going. Then Nick came back in the Mile to score 4th. We had some young 800m runners score 7th and 8th, as Soph. Christian and Frosh. Donte sticking their nose in with the big boys. Then Karl and Chris placed 5th and 7th in the 3200m. We got a ton of complements for hosting a well run Conference meet so thanks to all who pitched in. Results for Conference will be linked to the Track page.

Next up Lancer Relays Wednesday.

The Lancer Community is Collaborating to pull off the Big 8 Conference meet tomorrow. So far things are getting lined up. Again, if anyone is interested in helping out please contact Mary in the Athletic Office. Athletes, Parents, and Community Members are going to help LaFollette pull this big event off. Running a track meet of this size is a collosal endeavor. Meanwhile the guys are feeling good and ready to go.

Meanwhile, make sure you are selling those tickets!! Remember that we want them by banquet time. However, athletes can knock down their sales and bring them in ASAP!! Thanks for the effort in advance.

JV Conference
The second to last track meet is in the books for our JV fellas. Lancer Relays next Wednesday where we will tie it all up is creeping upon us. Meanwhile, on a windy track near the river we had some rocking Lancers. Adam had a nice double and won his final event of the evening with the 3200m . Ryan broke 6min in the 1600m for the first time and Khael Pr'd in the 1600M as well. The 800m men got after it. Donald shaved somemore time in the 3200m while sticking on Adam for the bulk of the race. Then Judah and Biscuit wanted a 4x4 to end the night. They put one together and went out big. Nice win to cap the night off. Great job Lancers!!

Cross Country Schedule
The 2019 Cross Country Schedule is posted on our site!! Some hosts may change and/or they may be minor changes before the season gets underway but much of it has been fleshed out. If you have questions you can certainly email me. Please put St. Dennis 5k AND NO FEAR ALL FUN on your calendar.

Cross Country will start Monday, August 19th!!! Start getting pumped.

Yeah this meet today is in fact at Beloit. We travel South. Our JV guys will get cracking at JV Conference today. Come cheer on these guys as they start to wind down their season.

JV Conference
JV Conference is this Tuesday @ Beloit. The line up for that meet is hanging in E3. We are really starting to get towards the finish line in terms of racing opportunities. Of course Friday is Varsity Conference here at LaFollette.

Stoughton Results
Stoughton Results are linked on our Track Page. The Lancers came within a few points of winning the meet. We left a few points out there. Regardless, LDC scored 37 points in 4 events! 2nd in 4x800 with some young guys. Nick scored in mile. Two guys scored in 800m and Christian beasted a nice Pr!! Then in the 3200m Chris and Karl rocked by both going under the 10min barrier!! Overall, it was a good showing one week before Conference.

Reminder: The Lancers are hosting Conference due to Craig's track issues. Please if interested in helping contact Mary. Also, sell those tickets and bring the stubs and $$ to Coach Nichols ASAP.

JV City
First results are linked on our Track Page over to the left. Second, JV City is tonight. We have a few runners who will get after it tonight. Parents who would like to help out at this meet please don't hesitate.

Also, Next week is CONFERENCE which because of the condition of Craig's track we offered to host. Those interested in helping (and we need lots) PLEASE contact Mary. That meet is not this Friday but the following Friday.

This Friday is the Stoughton Invitational. Should be a nice prelude to Conference. Come join us.

The Lancer Track team took back the City Championship from Memorial last night!! In a hard fought battle the boys team worked together in the cold rain to bring the trophy back to LaFollette. Some young guns put together a nice 4x8 to place 3rd against a couple veteran rivals. Frosh Seb rocked a nice 2:08 anchor!!! Then Karl is slowly looking like his Terminator-self and chipped in some points in the 1600m and posted a nice Pr. The 800m is where we raked in the most points taking 2,3,4 (Hellrood, Christian, Donte). This was Christians 2nd race. Our solo LDC City Champ was Chris J in the 3200m where he repeated as champ!! It was a great night for LDC and many of our members can smile knowing they had a hand in winning the city title.

City Time Schedule
The distance time schedule for races for Tuesday night:

Boys 4x800M: 5:15pm

There is a 30min break after this race (don't ask why)

Boys 1600M: 6:38pm (one section)
Boys 800M: 8:00pm (two sections)
Boys 3200M: 8:50pm (one section)
Boys 4x400M: 9:05pm (one section)

Come cheer on the Lancers. They did state that they will run ahead of schedule if at all possible so please take these as general guidelines.

LDC Rocked!!
Although the team lost by a couple points - LDC looked good. Donte, Christian, Nick, and Chris J dominated 4x8. Hellrood, Noffke, Karl, and Chris J crushed in DMR. Brev had a nice 800m in Sprint Medley to lock down 3rd. And Parker chipped in a nice 2nd in the 3200M. Christian sealed the deal with his fastest 400m split yet in 4x4. We are gearing up for the Championship part of the season. City Outdoor on Tuesday.
Link for Baraboo Results will be on Track Page.

The Relays
Tonight we get things going at the Baraboo Relays. It should be a fun one!! The guys are prepared and excited. Come cheer on the Lancers.

Cold WIndy Rainy
Waunakee had less than ideal conditions when the meet started. That did not stop the Lancers from heating up the track. The 4x8 got things started with a big win as Christian, Karl, Donte, and Parker got the stick rolling. Then 'the new guy' Seb rocked a nice finish and won the 1600m while Adam chipped in a nice 4th. Seb came back and almost won the 800m with a close second. Adam came back in the 3200m and raced to another strong 4th. Meanwhile, all other members had significant Prs that night. Coach Neumann threw in some pizza for good measure.

Results are linked on our Track page.

During a sunny dual meet our milers really showed up. We had a handful of guys break 5min for the first time all in the same race. It was pretty cool to see our team work together in order to reach this goal. 3 of them were Frosh - who all did it together. The 800m went extremely well too. Christian followed Hellrood's win with one of his own in the 800m. The although for some weird reason Middleton decided to not put a sole in the 3200m our guys worked hard and got some good work done. We now look to the Frosh/Soph Meet at Waunakee tomorrow.

Tickets are out and into your childs hands. The tickets and money have to be turned in by our Track Banquet. The date for that is Tuesday, May 28th. Please support LDC in this endeavor. Thanks again.

Middleton Dual
The Middleton Dual will be held today at Lussier stadium. It seems as if the weather will be decent. Because we host the Lancer Family could always use volunteers today. Please, Please, Please contact Mary if interested. Many little jobs make a track meet run and in most cases you can still see your child run. Thanks in advance.

Yes, I annual Brewer Tickets raffle is upon us and athletes will be coming home with Raffle tickets to sell. The boys will be rolling out a little wrinkle that we have decided this year regarding the awarding of the raffle tickets. But fear not we are still going to be picking TWO winners each winning a pair of Brewer ticktes and this year it is Brewers VS CUBS!!!!!

Big Week!!
Big week of meets!! Tomorrow we are home against Middleton. Tuesday is the Frosh/Soph at Waunakee and then we finish out the week at the Baraboo Relays!! This should be a fun week of racing. Guys have been working hard so this week will be mostly just racing. Come on out and watch some Lancers!

Friday Pictures
Friday during practice we will have team pictures. Make sure you bring ALL of your uniform pieces to practice on Friday.

Craig Dual
Craig was away on Spring Break so we didn't have many Cougars to race. Nevertheless, had a lot of Prs!! Lancers just got to work on the track and did it themselves. It was pretty cool to watch. Most events saw major Prs as students took advantage of the good weather.

Week Seven
We are about to start Week Seven. Tuesday we will go down to Janesville and compete against Craig. Training has been going well. You should be proud of these guys. Last week had some brutal weather and we didn't skip a beat. Go Lancers!!!

JV Conference Cancelled.....AGAIN
Due to super bad weather JV Conference was canceled for the second time. We will have practice today at the regular time.

Another Win
Lancers had another win for the Dual meet against SP. LDC won every distance event and swept the 800m. It was a strong effort by all. Nick and Karl went 1,2 in the 1600m. Nick, Christian, and Donte went 1,2,3 in the 800m. Then Chris J and N Noffke went 1,3 in the 3200m. It was a fun track meet at home on a mild night.

Students have the day off from school today but we will have regular practice at 4pm. This will be the prepractice that we have before the SP Dual at HOME tomorrow. We should have good weather and spirits are high so we should be good to go. Athletes MUST be at practice today in order to participate tomorrow at the meet. It is our first home meet so we need workers (see Mary if interested) and our distance guys will of course be on hurdle duty. Meanwhile, our plan is to heat up the track.

JV Conference got Canceled due to weather. We will have regular practice for everyone at the regular practice time. Thanks for staying tuned in.

JV Conference
We have the JV Conference down in Janesville today. A Few Good Men will be going down there to get another race in for this week. Meanwhile, we want to promote good studying due to Exams today and tomorrow. Also, we have practice at 8am Saturday morning.

OK. We are all back and it will be a busy week. After just getting over an excellent weekend of racing at the West Relays where once again Donte rocked another good 800m and Christian put together an excellent one of his own in the open 800m we are about to get going outside!! Tuesday -- Yes tomorrow-- we will be racing our first Dual Meet OUTSIDE!! Now things start getting interesting. EVERYONE who is eligible will be in this meet. The line up has been up in E3 so athletes know what they are running and we will get it going as West will host this dual tomorrow.

Coach Nichols wrote a book. The link is on the Home Page!! You can get the digital version for less than $3 and the real book for $9 on Amazon. If you end up reading it let him know what you think. Runners will certainly like the running chapters.

Glacial Drumlin Trail Directions
Take Cottage Grove Rd. away from city going toward Cottage Grove. You will enter the village of Cottage Grove. The Piggly Wiggly on your left. Past McDonalds on your left. When you get to County Road N hang a right. Follow Country Road N over the railroad tracks and to the left is a plaza with a clock tower and the entrance of the Glacial Drumlin Trailhead. We will meet by the start of the trail.