Coach's Corner

First day
The First Day of XC 2022 was a big success. 99% of our team had everything in and were ready to roll. And that they did!! Now the boys want to rest up each day and get ready for each practice. This week we will be meeting at the tree M-Friday at 8am and Saturday at Vilas Park (8am). If you have questions feel free to email Coach Nichols.

Meanwhile, order your LDC apparel before the on-line store closes this weekend.

Getting Started
We will be getting started on Monday (8/15)!!! Practice will start at 8am by the big tree next to the LHS Tennis Courts - top of the parking lot. Remember to have a strong team at the varsity level our Varsity team has to lead by example during practice.

Meets: When clicking on the Meets using the dropdown box you will see race times. Parents and Fans will know it is updated when the 2022 year is reflected in the meet information. If that date is current you will know that the coach has updated the race times for this year....FYI Verona is updated. Race schedule for that meet is now up.

Treat Schedule
Treat Schedule is updated. We are now able to see where we have some gaps for coming meets. Let myself and Marti know if you want to take one of the meets and whether you (and a partner) want to do Food or Drink. Thanks for everything. Our athletes greatly appreciate it.

Tomorrow we have the No Fear All Fun Run - gun goes off at 10am.

Movin Shoes
Movin’ Shoes. On Thursday August 18, from 4:00pm – 8:00pm will host Saucony Spike Night. Representatives from Saucony will be on hand with special give-aways. They have a number of brands and discounts.

Tonight is Parent/Athlete Zoom meeting at 6pm. Link in Elite. Monday is just around the corner. Remember the Apparel Store is still open.

First day
Monday, August 15th we will meet at 8am by the big tree next to tennis courts. Athletes must have Physical card and on-line components completed before that time in order to practice with the team. If you have questions of your status or need to know what pieces you have to complete contact Gretchen Kelly at LHS. We are excited to get things going. LDC has a lot to be excited about this season. Apparel store is up and link is on the Home Page. Parent Zoom meeting Thursday and link on Elite!!

Last Week to get Physical Stuff in!!
This is the last week of Summer Running. New Runners get your Physical Cards and on line components into the Athletic Office this week. Shoot Gretchen Kelly and email or call if you have questions.

No Fear All Fun
No Fear All Fun is this Saturday. Check out the website and there will be a day of registration. Could be a fun jaunt before the season starts Monday, August 15th!!

Congrats to Garrett for his big Pearl Lake Days win!!!!

Free Physicals today!!
Free Physicals at Jefferson Middle School - Thursday, August 4th 1-4pm

St. Dennis!!!
St. Dennis this weekend was a huge success!! Lots of alumni! Lots!! And from waaaaay back too!! It was great to have this event back up and running after the Covid lay off! So next year put it on your calendar -- last weekend of July. Meanwhile, Nico won on the men's side and Gabi won on the female side. As the Race Director point out we had lots of past winners in the top group so that was fun as heck. Great opportunity for the Crew to just crank it up a bit before the season starts.

Meanwhile, get that paperwork in to the Athletic Office and get ready for the start of the season Monday, August 15th!

Parent Meeting
We will have a athlete/parent meeting August 11th at 6pm. We would love to have each athlete and at least one guardian at the meeting as we go through important information and expectations for the fall. The official start of the season is August 15th and we want to make sure that we have everything in order as we get ready to go on what is sure to be and awesome season. Zoom links are on the Elite Platform and Ike's mom will share links via email in the coming days. She is running point for us as far as the parent email thread goes. - is her email so if you haven't already make sure that you reach out to her.

Coach Nichols:

For those of you scheduling your final days of summer and knowing that we have a couple weeks of practice before school starts (Official First Day of Practice August 15th 8am at the Big tree by Tennis Courts) we will be having practice at 8am during the Week One and then switch to 4pm during Week Two. Saturdays where we don't have meets we will have practice in the morning at 8am (site TBA). If anyone has questions please shoot me an email.

The link to the apparel store is up and live on the Home Page of this website. It is also on the Elite Platform and will be shared on the Parent email string. That store will stay up until the end of the first week of official practice so pick your items now. All the items in the store are optional. Coach will give each runner a LDC Tshirt when the season starts. The items in the store are just great training apparel or clothing to rep LDC.

The summer has been rolling and the guys have been working hard!! This should be a fun season. The weather has been hot so we want to make sure our athletes are hydrated throughout the day... not just trying to drink water moments before they about to run. I think so far they have been pretty good with that. Few Reminders: Get all the required paperwork done before the season starts. Returning athletes will need perfect attendance during the season in order to earn a Varsity Letter. Other Letter criteria are on the Elite Platform for those interested. St. Dennis is in a week and that is a fun close to home 5k that we love to participate in. No Fear All Fun 5k is in August, so look for that on ELite. If new or returning runners have questions please do not hesitate to contact Coach Nichols at

St. Dennis Festival 5k
The Festival 5k is coming up in two weeks, Sunday, July 31st. It is so exciting to have this LDC tradition back. We would love to see past and present, parents, and LDC fans to come join us on that Sunday. The registration link is in Elite.

Paperwork for Fall
Make sure that Athletes and Guardians have proper on line work complete before the season starts August 15th. The link for all the forms can be found at LaFollette Athletics Fall Sport Registration. I have the link on the Elite Platform. If you have questions please do not hesitate to email me. We want everyone ready to roll on the first day. Those that wish to letter need to be ready to rock on day one! Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Coach Nichols wrote a book. The link is on the Home Page!! You can get the digital version for less than $3 and the real book for $9 on Amazon. If you end up reading it let him know what you think. Runners will certainly like the running chapters. I also have a few in the car for $10.

Glacial Drumlin Trail Directions
Take Cottage Grove Rd. away from city going toward Cottage Grove. You will enter the village of Cottage Grove. The Piggly Wiggly on your left. Past McDonalds on your left. When you get to County Road N hang a right. Follow Country Road N over the railroad tracks and to the left is a plaza with a clock tower and the entrance of the Glacial Drumlin Trailhead. We will meet by the start of the trail.